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About us

Florianov dvor is a recently built pension located on the outskirts of Pleš village, 15 km from town Lučenec. Surrounding nature and tranquility are balm to the soul. As we are saying: " Our pension is located at the edge of the world" and that is exactly what gives you, as a guest, undisturbed rest at sunset under the "bald" hill.

Activities in the surrounding

A chance to carry out various leisure activities offered in the vicinity of the pension as well as in its more distant surroundings is considered to be balsam to the soul and medicine for the body. Hiking trails (The Šomoška Castle, Svartifoss Waterfall, The Fiľakovo Castle), cycle routes (Lučenec – Kalonda, Lučenec – Mýtna – Budiná, Lesopark – Ľadovo – Ipolytarnóc), visiting spelaelogical discoveries - mini-caves (Mučín, Ipolytarnóc, Dobroč Virgin Forest). In the vicinity of pension is no shortage of cultural activities in the form of museums and historical sights (The Neolog synagogue in Lučenec, Zichy's manor house, The Halič Castle, The Town Holl).


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